Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frozen Delights

Just doing my kitchen duties when my mind started to think about frozen delights. Its so hot outside my only thoughts about it is to have something cold to chew to ease the hot hungry stomach. I  told my chef assistant to get me some ice cream in the refrigerator to start my preparation.

I really miss preparing frozen delights. I remembered the last time I prepared this when my little nephew visited me in my kitchen. The difference this time is that I will prepare this dish for myself alone. My assistant chef had some good things in mind but I guess all I can think about right now is to chew the meal that I will be preparing. 

The good thing about frozen delights is that I need not to heat anything. Cold ice cream will be my main item and the rest will follow.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Visiting friends can be very wonderful, especially when they are so demanding. yes, that"s right. My friends are very demanding. whenever they visit my house they always requesting different foods and dishes. But even though they are like that, I really appreciate their presence. 

Just the other day, my friends told me that they are coming. Usually they would arrive during the evening. Since it is already dinner time, I usually prepare heavy meals for them. But this time they told me that they will be at my house at 3 pm in the afternoon. And they wanted me to prepare for them my tasty breads that I bake. I was thinking of serving loaf bread. But I change my mind. Freshly baked breads are made special when you are preparing for important people.

I took my baking recipe book and looked for a French toasted bread. I saw this recipe when I was in Thailand, attending a culinary festival in 2009. French toasted bread is tasty when matched with hot chocolate drink.

Preparing for a French toasted bread is easy when all the ingredients are around. French toasted bread and hot chocolate drink, it's a match made from heaven. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Holiday feast is not yet over. There are plenty of foods that need to be attended or else it will just go to the trash can as food waste. Last Christmas, I received an entire leg of lechon or roasted bore. It was so big that I can think of any recipe that I can cook for the roasted bore leg. My partner told me that it would be better to distribute it to our restaurant workers. I totally disagree since it was given to me and I have to consume it. Thinking of ways to deal to this food crisis. I decided to make a recipe out of it. 

Instead of using the microwave oven in heating the roasted bore leg, I sliced it to bite sizes and fry it. I added garlic, a little salt to taste and pepper and spring onions for added aroma in the recipe. I cooked it for about 3 minutes.

 Lechon is a delicacy that is most present in every noche buena. Since this food is big expect leftovers after the celebration. Aside from frying the lechon, it is also ideal to cook the adobong lechon of the pinakuposan or deep fried. No matter what the dish you prepare as long it is cooked with love, you will never go wrong.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I was driving almost an hour already going to my friend's house. I was invited to come and witness a wedding. This friend is also a chef like me. She also owns a restaurant business in the place where I am heading to. Its a long drive as I expected but I cannot see any dinners where I can stop and eat and proceed to my destination. 

I am already very hungry and I cannot drive any longer without any food to fill my empty stomach. Luckily I have prepared an egg sandwich before I drove off to the location. I immediately stopped and went back seat and check my bags. My egg sandwich was just there waiting for me to eat him. I am very hungry and this will be my food for lunch. I prepared two huge egg sandwiches and I am just happy to made them big, just enough for my hungry stomach. Bona Petit!

Friday, March 1, 2013


I really consider myself as an adventurous person and willing to try anything in this world. Being a chef makes me more adventurous more than ever to try new recipes all around the world. Last week, I visited a chef friend who is now residing in Benguet province. He was a good friend and my close classmate during my culinary studies. 

Chef Sandy is a proud owner of a famous restaurant in the locality and is known for their unusual cooking. At first, I was very curious what my friend is busy cooking in the province. Here in the Philippines, there are many different provinces and this also vary in their culture. Some may consider it strange but others find it just normal, especially when you are living in the Benguet province.

As I hop off my van, I immediately called my friend, who is preparing something for me. Finally, chef Sandy greeted my and hugged me. Two chefs happy to see each other for a very long time. Chef Sandy told me that I am into a surprise to see what she has prepared for me. They call it horse tapa....or horse meat. My friend caught me by surprise to see  dish that is new to me and a strange one too. Horses are wide used as farm animals animals and use for racing. But cooking horse meat is something outrageous for me to cook.